March Fundraiser for Circle CA! Help us raise $3000 by March 31st!

Our mission is important to us! We want to continue to make acupuncture affordable and accessible to MORE people. Circle Community Acupuncture has provided quality care by experienced practioners in a relaxed, comfortable and non-judgemental community setting for over 10 years.

 Patients decide what they can pay along our sliding scale of $20-$40 in order to come regularly and often enough to manage both acute and chronic conditions. Families, friends and co-workers receive treatment alongside one another creating strong connections to each other and making their self care and health care a priority that is sustainable.

Our costs rise every year while our sliding scale has increased only once in over 10 years. We've been able to keep a flat rate of $15 for acupuncture for seniors and veterans, many of whom are on fixed incomes. Our patient community is diverse and we want to continue to provide greater access to MORE people to ALL of the services we offer, acupuncture, herbal therapy, bodywork, reiki and wellness classes (Qi Gong, Western herbal therapy, Yoga, EFT/Tapping etc.)

If you or someone you care about relies on Circle Community Acupuncture for their health and well-being, please consider donating to us this month. Donate what you can! If 150 people donate $20, we've reached our goal! Donate in person at the clinic, on the welcome page of our website or call us at 415-864-1070.

 All month long, patients will tell their stories about the clinic and what it means to them on Instagram and Facebook. Don't miss out on these beautiful and moving stories <3 Follow us!

 Help keep our doors open and our rates the same!