Nearing the finish line on the repairs...

The repairs from the fire are moving along, but not as quickly as hoped. The recent rains have slowed progress on painting the exterior, pouring concrete, and repairing the fire escape stairs. The good news is that much of the interior work is done, and that we should be able to start providing acunaps once the exterior is completed.  The contractor and his crew are trying to finish the bulk of the building repairs before we reopen in order to avoid construction noises once we are up and operating. He hopes that all repairs should be completed in about 30 days.

As soon as we have a set opening date we will send out announcements for a grand reopening party. Keep your calendars open! We're really looking forward to seeing all of you.


Other Circle CA News...

We have been keeping busy while the clinic has been closed! We have been working on two big projects to improve Circle CA.

We have a new updated website. It has been streamlined and adapted to better work with phones and tablets. Please take some time to check it out and let us know if you have any advice or notice any odd formatting on your device. We will continue to make adjustments and add information about the clinic on a regular basis.

Circle CA is becoming a 501c3 Non-profit organization. This is big news! Since opening in 2008 we have operated as a general partnership. Incorporating as a non-profit will allow Circle CA to seek outside funding from grants and donations, and to facilitate relationships with governmental and other non-profit organizations. We are making this change in order to keep our fees low and to insure the longevity of the clinic. We will keep you updated on the transition as it progresses.