Upcoming classes in May 2019

TRE--Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises Workshop with Shauna Farabaugh

Ever wish you could just shake off all your stress and shake out all your tension? You can! TRE is a simple to learn self-care technique that allows the body to gently vibrate or shake, which discharges long held muscular restrictions and brings the nervous system back into a state of balance. Whether you feel impacted by a significant life event or are just at your wits end with work, kids and LIFE!, TRE works to restore your resilience and bring more ease to your system. Despite the word "exercises" in the name, this is not a workout. The movement series is gentle and can be modified to accommodate a wide range of bodies and abilities.

Shauna Farabaugh is a certified TRE® provider and a certified somatic sex educator in private practice in San Francisco who specializes in supporting folx around pelvic pain, chronic illness, and disability. Shauna teaches publicly throughout the Bay Area and serves as adjunct faculty at the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology. She recently published a book, Pelvic Pain Clinic, with Caffyn Jesse. You can learn more about Shauna and her work at www.sexualityintransition.com.

 Sunday, May 12th


Cost of class: sliding scale $25-$45 (cash, check or credit/debit card)
Due to limited space for this class, we will require attendees to pay for the class beforehand. Once you sign up for the class, we will contact you for payment. Full refunds will be given if cancellation is made 48 hours before start of class.

Cycling: Bleeding, Ovulation and PMS with Bonnie Rose Weaver

Join us for this wellness workshop, with clinical herbalist Bonnie Rose Weaver, as she demystifies the hormonal shifts of the endocrine system of people with a uterus. We will discuss and taste western herbs that are helpful in alleviating PMS, balancing hormones, and easing the body’s natural cycles. All bodies, genders and ages are welcome. 

Sunday, May 12th

Cost of class: $20 (cash), payment can be made at start of class

Intro to Qi Gong with Ryo Eguchi

Qi gong has a strong positive effect on the mind, body and spirit. Like acupuncture, the goal is to move energy through the body. It can be helpful in the healing of acute and chronic injuries and is deeply relaxing. It can be easy to learn and fun to practice. All ages, levels and abilities welcome!

Saturday, May 18th


Cost of class: $20 (cash), payment can be made at start of class



March Fundraiser for Circle CA! Help us raise $3000 by March 31st!

Our mission is important to us! We want to continue to make acupuncture affordable and accessible to MORE people. Circle Community Acupuncture has provided quality care by experienced practioners in a relaxed, comfortable and non-judgemental community setting for over 10 years.

 Patients decide what they can pay along our sliding scale of $20-$40 in order to come regularly and often enough to manage both acute and chronic conditions. Families, friends and co-workers receive treatment alongside one another creating strong connections to each other and making their self care and health care a priority that is sustainable.

Our costs rise every year while our sliding scale has increased only once in over 10 years. We've been able to keep a flat rate of $15 for acupuncture for seniors and veterans, many of whom are on fixed incomes. Our patient community is diverse and we want to continue to provide greater access to MORE people to ALL of the services we offer, acupuncture, herbal therapy, bodywork, reiki and wellness classes (Qi Gong, Western herbal therapy, Yoga, EFT/Tapping etc.)

If you or someone you care about relies on Circle Community Acupuncture for their health and well-being, please consider donating to us this month. Donate what you can! If 150 people donate $20, we've reached our goal! Donate in person at the clinic, on the welcome page of our website or call us at 415-864-1070.

 All month long, patients will tell their stories about the clinic and what it means to them on Instagram and Facebook. Don't miss out on these beautiful and moving stories <3 Follow us!

 Help keep our doors open and our rates the same!


Upcoming events in March: Reiki, Qi Gong and Western Herb class on Allergies, Clinic Fundraiser

Friday, March 1st,  Shannon Snapp will start offering reiki sessions on Fridays 2-6pm. Reiki is a Japanese healing art that translates as “universal life force energy." It is a form of non-invasive touch that balances the body's energy centers (chakras) to promote wellness and relaxation. Shannon is a psychology professor, yoga and meditation instructor, and a reiki master teacher. She completed her reiki training in Tucson, Arizona under the instruction of Ellen Ross Jue and Marsha Drozdoff at Desert Reiki Connection. She has offered reiki to clients in private sessions, healing circles, yoga classes, retreats, and she also teaches students reiki.  

Sign up for 30 minute ($32), 45 minute ($47) and 60 minute ($62) sessions with Shannon with our online scheduler. 

Saturday, March 2nd, 10-11am, Ryo Eguchi will be back at Circle to teach Intro to Qi Gong. Ryo and his wife have been busy with their twin babies and at this time a monthly class at Circle is not possible for him. He hopes to resume monthly classes in the future. For now, join us for this one time class. Come practice this form of meditative movement that reduces anxiety, stress and improves joint mobility. Cost is $20 (cash only please). Ryo continues to teach his weekly Qi Gong class and offer shiatsu massage at EHS Pilates in the Mission.

Sunday, March 24th, 4-5:30pm, Allergies! A Community Wellness Workshop, we’ll have clinical herbalist, Bonnie Rose Weaver back at Circle to discuss the histamine response to pollen, animal dander and food allergies. She will introduce the class to herbs and holistic practices that treat and reduce allergy symptoms. Cost is $20 (cash only). 

In March we’ll also be holding our first ever spring fundraiser! Thank you to the patients who have been helping us out with this! More details in the coming weeks...

David Lesseps Schedule Change Announcement

Dear Circle CA Community,

Starting on January 21, I will reduce my working hours at Circle CA. Beginning on that date I will work only Monday evenings doing acupuncture and I will no longer offer tuina massage/cupping on Fridays and Sundays. After more than ten years of working at Circle CA, I am taking a new direction with my career. I hope to continue to remain active in providing acupuncture on a limited basis, but will also pursue a career in veterinary medical services. I will miss my routine of working full time at Circle and will the opportunity to see so many of you throughout the week. I love this clinic and its community and look forward to seeing as many of you as I can on Monday evenings.

With love,

David Lesseps

Western Herbs for Better Digestion, Taught By Bonnie Rose Weaver, August 11th, 4:30-6pm, $20 (cash)


Got gas up or down? Do you often feel discomfort or bloating after eating? Want to do a liver detox? In thisclass we will review the digestive system and discuss a variety of western herbs to support the body for healthy elimination, to reduce digestive discomfort and increase absorption. We will taste a handful of herbs and learn to safely dose and prepare medicinal herbs for better digestion.