Western Herbs for Better Digestion, Taught By Bonnie Rose Weaver, August 11th, 4:30-6pm, $20 (cash)


Got gas up or down? Do you often feel discomfort or bloating after eating? Want to do a liver detox? In thisclass we will review the digestive system and discuss a variety of western herbs to support the body for healthy elimination, to reduce digestive discomfort and increase absorption. We will taste a handful of herbs and learn to safely dose and prepare medicinal herbs for better digestion.

September Special for Students

Hey students! School is back in session. Feeling the stress yet? Need help focusing? Our September special is for you, so get ready for the school year with some acupuncture! Pay $15 for acupuncture treatments throughout the month. For new patients taking advantage of this special, the $10 paperwork fee is also waived. 

Please share this special with friends and family that are presently in school.